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PRB: Error in Win32 SDK Install Program MANUAL.BAT PSS ID Number: Q103245 Article last modified on 04-23-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT, version 3.1


When installing the Win32 SDK with an unsupported CD-ROM, Microsoft recommends booting MS-DOS and running MANUAL.BAT. This results in the following error:

invalid switch - /i


One workaround is to copy the MANUAL.BAT file to the hard disk and remove the /i switches on the xcopy command lines. For example, if you copied the file to C:.BAT and wanted to install the Win32 SDK with the unsupported CD-ROM to drive c, the next step would be to switch back to the CD-ROM and run C:.BAT C:.

In addition, a corrected copy of the MANUAL.BAT file was uploaded to Library 8 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe:

SETUP.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 10507, Count: 0, 02-Sep-93 Last:Never

Title : Manual Bat Installation Helper Tools Keywords: SETUPSDK MANUAL SETUP FIX TOOL

This file contains: MANUAL.BAT & SETUPSDK.EXE

MANUAL.BAT is the fixed version of same-named file found on the Win32 SDK CD_ROM. This is the same file as found in MANUAL.ZIP as found in this forum.

The SetupSDK tool will allow you to selectively create the various Program Manager groups and environment variables as are normally created using the “Graphical Installation” method. This tool can also be used to create these groups and variables for different user accounts on your local machine. This tool runs under Windows NT only.

Additional reference words: 3.10 KBCategory: Setins KBSubcategory: Setins


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