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Installing the Sound Blaster CD-ROM Driver for Windows NT

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Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1

This article was previously published under Q103105


The Windows NT CD includes a driver for the CD-ROM interface on the Creative Labs Sound Blaster card. This driver is included only on the CD (not on the floppy disks) and is located in the DRVLIB\STORAGE\MKECR5XX\X86 directory. This driver also supports the Panasonic CR-52x family of CD-ROM drives and the Panasonic CR-56x family of CD-ROM drives.


The following information is contained in the README0.TXT file included with the driver.

To install Windows NT on one of the aforementioned drives:

  1. Copy all files from this directory to a blank formatted floppy disk in drive A.
  2. Label this disk "PANASONIC SETUP."
  3. Boot the computer with the bootable floppy disk included with Windows NT.
  4. Press ENTER to install Windows NT.
  5. Select Custom Setup. (Be sure to read your "Windows NT System Guide" for information on Custom Setup.)
  6. After Windows NT scans for SCSI adapters, press "S" to add an adapter.
  7. Select "Other (Requires Disk Provided by Hardware Manufacturer)."
  8. Insert the disk labeled "PANASONIC SETUP" in drive A and press ENTER.
  9. Follow the normal Custom Setup installation procedure.

NOTE: When installing the driver for this device, it is listed as "Matsushita-Kotobuki Cr-52x/56x." Nowhere in the installation process is the Sound Blaster card actually mentioned.

To add support for these drives to an existing Windows NT installation:

  1. Copy all files from this directory to a blank formatted floppy disk in drive A.
  2. Label this disk "PANASONIC SETUP."
  3. Run the Windows NT SETUP application.
  4. Select Add/Remove SCSI Adapters from the Options menu.
  5. Choose the ADD button.
  6. Select the option "Other (Requires a Disk from a Hardware Manufacturer)."
  7. Insert the "PANASONIC SETUP" disk in drive A and press ENTER.
  8. Select the driver option provided (Matsushita-Kotobuki Cr-52x/56x) and press ENTER.
  9. Choose Install and then Continue.
  10. Choose Close and exit Setup.

You need to restart Windows NT to activate the driver.

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