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Article ID: 102751

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0b
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2

This article was previously published under Q102751


When you attempt to access a folder in versions 3.0, 3.0b, and 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for PC Networks, MS-DOS workstation, the following error message may appear:

The folder is busy. Please try again. If the problem persists,
please contact the system administrator


A folder may be left locked open for several reasons, such as a hardware failure. A locked folder cannot be deleted, sorted, or compressed. These locks are called semaphore locks, and are used to prevent simultaneous access to folders.


The FOLDCOMP utility (FOLDCOMP.EXE) is used to recover disk space from private folders stored on a user's local PC (rather than on the server). Space will only be recovered if mail has been deleted since the last folder compress with FOLDCOMP.

You can use the FOLDCOMP utility's -S parameter to override and reset the semaphore locks on folders. You should only use this parameter if there is a persistent problem with deleting, re-sorting, or compressing the folders. You can use the -S parameter to unlock a folder in this state. However, you should take care not to reset the lock while the folder is actually in use.


Change to the directory where the private folders are stored. Run FOLDCOMP.EXE.


The following command will run the FOLDCOMP utility on the folders in the current directory, resetting the semaphore locks and using the sort order of the database on drive M:

foldcomp -dm -s

NOTE: FOLDCOMP.EXE will not except a path statement on the command line. The mapped drive must be in the FOLDER\PUB directory or the file FOLDCOMP.EXE must be run in the FOLDER\PUB directory in order to work.


You can find the FOLDCOMP.EXE file on the following Microsoft Mail for PC Networks disks:

   Mail Version       Disk

   2.1                Disk 1 (3.5, 5.25)
   3.0a, 3.0b         Disk 3 (3.5, 5.25)
   3.2                Disk 2 (3.5, 5.25)

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