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Publisher 2.0 Updates Linked Object without Saving Changes

Publisher 2.0 Updates Linked Object without Saving Changes


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


If you use the Paste Link option to paste an object into Publisher 2.0
from Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Paintbrush, and then you update
the object in PowerPoint or Paintbrush and close the application
without saving the updates, Publisher 2.0 shows the updated
information from PowerPoint or Paintbrush. The updates will continue
to show in Publisher until the object is double-clicked to edit it. At
that point, the object will be updated with the original information.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

1. Open a Publisher document.

2. Create an object in a PowerPoint presentation. In Slide Sorter view,
   copy the object.


   Create a Paintbrush picture. Save the picture and and copy the

3. Draw a picture frame in Publisher.

4. Paste the object inside the frame by choosing Paste Special from
   the Edit menu and selecting Paste Link.

5. Return to PowerPoint (or Paintbrush) and alter the object.

6. Close the PowerPoint presentation (or Paintbrush picture) and DO
   NOT save the changes.

The Publisher 2.0 document will reflect the changes that were not
saved in the source application.

Note: The Publisher file can be closed and reopened, and the updated
information will remain. The object will not be updated with the
correct information until the object is double-clicked to edit it.

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