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PRB: MS-DOS Screen Appears in .APP Run in FoxPro for Windows

ID: Q102075

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.5


When a cross-platform application is run in FoxPro for Windows, a screen designed for the MS-DOS platform appears.


When a screen is designed to look differently in MS-DOS than it does in Windows, there is an option in the Generate dialog box for MS-DOS/Windows Objects Only. When this option is selected, FoxPro only generates the screen code for the current platform. If a cross-platform application is built in FoxPro for MS-DOS with MS-DOS Objects Only selected for one or more screen sets, the .APP file will contain only the code for the MS-DOS-based version of these screens.


Open the project in FoxPro for Windows and build the application with Rebuild All selected.

Additional reference words: FoxWin 2.50 KBCategory: kbprg kbprb KBSubcategory: FxtoolGeneral

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