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Crosstab Doesn't Use Database Defined in Active Worksheet

Last reviewed: April 29, 1998
Article ID: Q102014

4.00 4.00a WINDOWS kbusage The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions 4.0, 4.0a


In Microsoft Excel version 4.0, when you use Crosstab ReportWizard, the current database may be ignored when an external database has been previously defined with the Q+E add-in macro (QE.XLA).


When you use the external database option to define a database, the following hidden names are created on your worksheet:

    This name     Refers to this

    cursource      The file type (dBASEfile, TextFile, or ExcelFile).

    int_ext_sel    Whether an internal or external database
                   has been selected and returns the number one (1) or
                   two (2) respectively.

    opendbs        The full path and filename of the defined database file.

The Crosstab Wizard will use the database defined by the hidden name "opendbs". When the database is redefined when QE.XLA is not open, the hidden name will not be updated to reflect the database change.


To work around this situation:

  1. Open the QE.XLA add-in file.
  2. Select all the cells on the worksheet in the database range, including the field names.
  3. From the Data Menu choose Set Database, select the Current Selection option and choose OK.


"Q+E for Microsoft Excel User's Guide", pages 58-60

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Last reviewed: April 29, 1998
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