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PRB: OS/2 LM2.2 TCP/IP Trap-D on Token Ring

PSS ID Number: Q101815 Article last modified on 01-26-1994

2.20 OS/2


Microsoft LAN Manager version 2.2 servers running TCP/IP trap upon receipt of a token ring packet that contains a maximum-sized source-routing field. These indicators are returned: TCPDRV.OS2 trap-d. CSLIM=98E0, IP=1629 or IP=1152


The original design did not allow enough room in packet buffers for the maximum possible sized source-routing information field. A server receiving a packet of this type may trap with the above CSLIM and IP. Traps occur in the PREPENDBUF macro, or in the UNPREPENDBUF function when segment boundaries are accidentally crossed.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in LAN Manager version 2.2. This problem was corrected in the latest US Service Pack for LAN Manager. For information on obtaining this update, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces): L M P A T C H



Additional reference words: 2.20 2.2 trap-d 98E0 1152 1629 Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.