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Cannot Change Title of Unlocked Macintosh Floppy Disk PSS ID Number: Q101809 Article last modified on 08-09-1993 PSS database name: M_SYStem

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The information in this article applies to:
- Macintosh system software versions 6.x, 7.0, 7.01, and 7.1


If a Macintosh is running a third-party MS-DOS file access utility, such as an early version of AccessPC by Insignia Solutions or DOS Mounter by Dayna Communications, you may be unable to change the title (label) of an MS-DOS-formatted floppy disk.

If a disk is formatted on the Macintosh as an MS-DOS disk, you can set the disk name (label) initially on the Macintosh. Otherwise, the label may have to be changed in MS-DOS or Windows on the other computer. Confusion may arise if the original disk name and all the files on the disk are labeled in standard Macintosh convention (rather than in the standard MS-DOS format with eight characters plus a three-digit extension). The MS-DOS-formatted disk looks like a Macintosh disk instead of an MS-DOS disk.

The above situation was tested and confirmed with version 1.2 of AccessPC. Insignia Solutions Technical Support confirms that versions 2.0 and later allow the disk title to be changed on the Macintosh. Dayna Communications Technical Support confirms that all versions of DOS Mounter allow the disk title to be edited on a Macintosh.

Any disk labeled with a title longer than eight characters by using the Macintosh is truncated when the disk is viewed on an IBM PC/AT compatible machine. However, the full disk title can be read on the Macintosh.

The products included here are manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products’ performance or reliability.

For more information on these products, call Dayna Communications Technical Support at (801) 269-7200 or Insignia Solutions Technical Support at (415) 694-7694.

Additional reference words: 4.00 Apple File Exchange AFE Superdrive FDHD

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