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Importing Kodak Photo CD Graphics Using ClipArt Gallery

Importing Kodak Photo CD Graphics Using ClipArt Gallery


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0


NOTE: This information is in the Publisher README.HLP file that ships
with Publisher 2.0.

You can import Kodak Photo CD (.PCD) graphics using either the Import
Picture command under Publisher's File menu, or the ClipArt Gallery
utility included with Publisher.

However, the ClipArt Gallery does not display the Kodak Photo CD
filter dialog box, so the only way you can modify the resolution of
imported Photo CD files if you import them using this method is to
change the default resolution of the filter in your WIN.INI file.


To set the default resolution in your WIN.INI file, do the following:

1. From the Program Manager File menu, choose Run.

2. In the Command Line box, type the following

      notepad.exe win.ini

   then choose the OK button. This opens the WIN.INI file in Notepad.

3. If there is not already a [MS Photo CD Import Filter] section in
   the WIN.INI file, create one. (Position the mouse pointer below all
   the text in the file and type [MS Photo CD Import Filter].)

4. In the [MS Photo CD Import Filter] section, add the following line,
   where N is the default resolution you want to use:


   The default resolution can be any number between 0 and 8. You
   should use the smallest number possible for your output. A larger
   number means a larger file and higher resolution. A larger number
   means a higher quality image, but slower printing and display in
   Publisher or any other application.

   The following table defines the resolutions you can select. Note
   that 16.7-million-color (24-bit) graphics are very high quality,
   but print and display very slowly; whereas, 256-color (8-bit)
   graphics print and display more quickly:

      256 Colors (8 Bit)

      1 = 128 x 192
      2 = 256 x 384
      0 = 512 x 768
      3 = 1024 x 1536
      4 = 2048 x 3072

      16.7 Million Colors (24 Bit)

      5 = 512 x 768
      6 = 128 x 192
      7 = 256 x 384
      8 = 1024 x 1536

5. From the Notepad File menu, choose Save and then Exit.

6. Restart Publisher (this is necessary to make the changes you
   made go into effect).

Now when you import Photo CD graphics, the graphic will automatically
be imported at the resolution you specified in the WIN.INI file.

For more information on the Import Picture procedure, see pages 243 to
244 in the "Microsoft Publisher User's Guide." For more information
about using ClipArt Gallery, see pages 236 to 241 in the "Microsoft
Publisher User's Guide."


README.HLP file that ships with Publisher 2.0

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insert photograph