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UPD: New Setup Kit Files Available for Setup1

PSS ID Number: Q101624 Article last modified on 05-19-1994


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows, version 3.0


The following files have been made available in the Microsoft Software Library in a self-extracting file called SETUPK.EXE: SETUP1.FRM SETUP1.BAS To obtain these new Setup Kit files, download SETUPK.EXE, a self-extracting file, from the Microsoft Software Library (MSL) on the following services: - CompuServe GO MSL Search for SETUPK.EXE Display results and download - Microsoft Download Service (MSDL) Dial (206) 936-6735 to connect to MSDL Download SETUPK.EXE - Internet (anonymous FTP) ftp Change to the directory Get SETUPK.EXE After downloading SETUPK.EXE, run it to obtain the files it contains. For more information about the contents of SETUPK.EXE, including a list of fixed bugs and instructions on how to install the new versions, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: ARTICLE-ID: Q100003 TITLE : UPD: New Setup Toolkit & Setup Wizard Available for VB ver 3.0 This article is available by fax on FastTips by calling 1-800-936-4300 and requesting item number 100003.

Additional reference words: 3.00 update3.00 softlib S14616 KBCategory: KBSubcategory: TlsSetWiz ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.