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PUB2: Banner PageWizard Doesn't Auto Repeat Text

PUB2: Banner PageWizard Doesn't Auto Repeat Text


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


When you create a banner using the Banner PageWizard in Publisher 2.0,
Publisher may ask if want your text to be repeated within the banner.
Choosing Yes will not always cause your message to repeat.


This problem occurs if the PageWizard senses that your message is too small
for the banner. The Banner PageWizard judges the relative size of the
message by the number of characters you have typed, not by calculating the
actual placement of the text within the banner.

The PageWizard calculates space in this way to expedite the creation of the
banner (rather than have the PageWizard spend time calculating the actual
placement of the message relative to the available area). Consequently,
certain circumstances may result in the text not repeating (even though)
you have told the PageWizard to do so.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Publisher versions 2.0 and

Using the Banner PageWizard in Publisher for Windows 95 version 3.0, you
can either choose your own banner length or have the PageWizard make the
text fit. If you choose to set your own length and the text does not take
up the entire length, the PageWizard will not prompt you to have the text
repeat to fill up the given space unless you have selected the option to
have the text fit to the size of the banner.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

1. Open or switch to Microsoft Publisher version 2.0.

2. Choose to create a banner using the Banner PageWizard.

3. Choose the default settings for the various dialog boxes that appear.

4. When prompted for your message, type "MMMMMMMM".

5. Choose Yes when asked if you want your message repeated.

6. Choose Create It. Note that final banner does not contain repeated

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