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Graph: Legend Items Reversed in 3-D Bar Chart


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Graph for Windows, version 3.0
  • Microsoft Graph for Macintosh, version 3.0


The legend in the 3-D Bar chart available in Microsoft Graph 3.0 displays the legend information in reverse order. This is not a problem when using the 2-D bar chart style.


The legend information in the 3-D graph is in reverse order: the top legend item corresponds to the bottom bar in each series and the bottom legend item corresponds to the top bar in each series.


NOTE: Only the first two workarounds maintain the graph as a Microsoft Graph object:

  1. Use the 2-D bar Graph, which displays the legend information correctly.
  2. Create a 3-D Bar Graph without a legend and import it into the container document. Then, create a legend manually using the text and drawing tools provided by the client application (such as PowerPoint).
  3. Create a 3-D Bar Graph and import it into the container document. Then, if the client application provides the facility, ungroup and then selectively arrange the pieces of the picture, which is no longer a Graph object. Make the necessary adjustments manually.

Note: In this workaround, the graph would cease to be a Microsoft Graph object. As a result, you would be unable to make any changes, other than graphical changes, to the graph.

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