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INF: Sample Code Demonstrates Simple Dynamic-Link Library

PSS ID Number: Q100661 Article last modified on 06-28-1993


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows NT, version 1.0

Summary: The SIMPLDLL sample provides a generic dynamic-link library (DLL) template. The sample also includes two small test applications, LINKTEST and LOADTEST, that demonstrate load-time linking (through a DLL import library) and dynamic loading, respectively.

More Information: The file THE_DLL contains a skeleton DLL entry point and five exported functions that have varying parameter lists. It also uses a resource file that contains a dialog box template. LINKTEST is a small application that links with import library for THE_DLL and supports calling into THE_DLL by selecting items from a menu. LOADTEST is a small application that loads THE_DLL at run time and calls the GetProcAddress() function to retrieve the addresses of the functions THE_DLL exports. LOADTEST also supports calling into the DLL by selecting items from a menu.

Additional reference words: 1.00 DLLEntryPoint GetModuleFileName LoadLibrary GetProcAddress