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Mac Srv: Definition of Mail Server Threads

Article ID: 100454

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.1

This article was previously published under Q100454


Versions 3.0 and 3.1 of Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks' server processes requests via internal "threads." Depending on the version of Mail and memory allocation to the mail server, the number of threads available to the mail server can vary. Below is a detailed summary of the types and numbers of threads that are available to the server.

 1      System Thread - Used during initial Startup to initialize
        database, etc.

 4-16   User Threads - User threads receive, process and respond to
        requests from workstations. The number of threads is dependent
        upon the amount of memory allocated to the server under Server
        Settings and what processes are being handled by the server.

        At a minimum there will be 4 user threads dedicated to
        responding to user requests. If there is 2 MB or more of memory
        allocated to the server and the Mail version is 3.1 or higher,
        8 user threads will be initialized.

        In version 3.1, the following applies:

        If a user has a request regarding an attachment being processed by
        the server, a secondary thread will be spawned. The user is then
        transferred to the new thread while the enclosure information is
        processed. At the completion of the enclosure processing, the
        secondary thread is removed.

        It is possible for the server to have a maximum of 16 user
        requests being processed at any given time. This would indicate
        that 8 clients were processing standard read/send message requests
        and 8 additional users were sending/receiving attachments.

 1      Misc. Thread - Notify, Auto Logoff after 15 minutes, Database
        Compression, and Empty Wastebasket.

        Database Compression will only occur when System Activity is low.
        Therefore, if a large amount of attachments/messages are deleted
        from the server, then the Microsoft Mail Data File may not reduce
        in size immediately.

        When a Server is busy sending and receiving messages from users,
        it is possible that users will not be instantly notified that
        new messages have arrived.

 1-2    Server Threads - Server Thread for communications to other


With ALL mail versions earlier than 3.1a, there is one server-server thread. This thread handles all messaging between servers. With 3.1a, when working across site names (routing), a secondary thread may be spawned for processing of messages from a different site.

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