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GRAPH: How to Rotate a Pie Chart within a Microsoft Graph Object


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Graph for Windows, version 3.0b


You can rotate the position of the slices in 2- and 3-dimensional (2D and 3D) pie charts within Microsoft Graph objects by using the following procedure:

  1. Start Microsoft Graph from an OLE server application, such as Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
  2. Go to the Datasheet window. Select Pie or 3D Pie from the Gallery menu.
  3. Select your choice of pie chart formats from the Gallery and choose OK.
  4. From the Format menu, choose Chart.
  5. In the Angle Of First Pie Slice box, change the setting from the default, 45 degrees, to some other number and then choose OK.

The pie is rotated by the number of the degrees you entered.

The Angle Of First Pie Slice option accepts only positive numbers between zero and 360. The pie rotates clockwise from the default display if the number you enter is greater than the default and counterclockwise if you enter a number that is less than the default.

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