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Distribution Beamsoft
Release date 1997-03-25

KKnD is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy (RTS) game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Beamsoft and first released for DOS in 1997. An updated Windows version names KKnD Xtreme was released later the same year. It has two playable races, which are Survivors ("Humans") and Evolved ("Mutants").

Available non-retail builds

Lang. Date
EN 01/11/1996 Small early Evolved demo
EN 01/11/1996 Large early Evolved demo
EN 23/01/1997 Large Survivors & Evolved demo
EN 24/01/1997 Small Survivors demo
EN 24/01/1997 Small Evolved demo
GER 28/01/1997 Small German Survivors demo
GER 28/01/1997 Small German Evolved demo
EN 21/08/1997 Small Xtreme Survivors & Evolved demo
EN 22/08/1997 Large Xtreme Survivors & Evolved demo

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