Help:Group rights

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Like the forum, there are several user groups for the wiki, each with their own rights.

Non-registered users

Can only read. It is now possible to create an account.

Registered users

Can edit and create articles.

Autoconfirmed users

Can move pages and edit semi-protected pages. All users who have at least 10 edits and have registered for at least for a week are autoconfirmed.

Moderators and administrators

They both have the ability to block, delete and perform a variety of other administrative stuff. Administrators are also able to access a few uncommon permissions not available to moderators, while only moderators can assign the bot flags to themselves and add the mover right to anyone.


A user group available only to Andy and mrpijey, this is the highest level and allows them to assign and revoke any permission to any user and create new usergroups.