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Generic information

Around the same time when the infamous leak happened, the map source files were leaked as well. Since these are uncompiled versions of the maps, you need to compile them in order to play. Howewer, there are a few setbacks to this. Even though the timeframe around the leaked build of the game and some of the maps are close, they still won't work properly.

Some issues are:

  • Too old model version: These models won't work with a hammer or the game engine properly.
  • Obsolete texture selections: Mostly just a cosmetical issue but can get a bit frustrating with older maps having just flat surfaces in editor.
  • Obsolete entities: Things like 'xxxx_prop' got renamed to 'prop_xxxx' during development, thus breaking many maps in the process.
  • Corrupted maps: Won't open properly.

Most of these problems are fixable by hand, but with some of the more complex maps, this would be very time consuming. Remember that these maps range from early 2001 (earlier is possible as well) to late 2003.

The 'wcmp' documentation project

One member called oasiz started working on a mega documentation on the maps inside the map pack. The results of it can be seen here.

Please note: The file is very unfinished and requires a lot of formatting to be done so it can be read properly on everyone's screen.