Duke Nukem 3D

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Duke Nukem 3D
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Producer Greg Malone
George Broussard
Distribution 3D Realms
Release date 1996-01-29

On January 29, 1996, 3D Realms released v1.0 of the shareware episode of Duke Nukem 3D. A legend was born. What most of the public does not know is that the game was several years in the making, and the development started almost immediately (to the day) after the release of Duke Nukem II (December 10, 1993).


There are three known pre-release versions of this game, two of them only have the shareware content.

  • Lameduke - Very early version, Stitched together from Duke II elements and lots of place holder stuff, coupled with an ancient build engine that still hasn't even got slopes implemented.
  • 0.9 - The leaked build of the game, has the shareware episode and some minor map layout changes here and there. Lots of hidden stuff can be found when dug deeper into.
  • 1.0 - Shareware, released officially before the full version. This one still has some elements from the 0.9 such as the large crosshair and leftovers in art/con code. Consider this an "non-cleaned" version with leftovers.