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The Build

Title screen from the game

When the Half-Life 2 beta was leaked after the hacking into of Valve Software in 2003, a version of Counter-Strike and Half-Life that had been ported to the Source engine got leaked. These were know has the HL1Ports. While the Half-Life port seemed complete and playable, the Counter-Strike version was very buggy and seemed to be a port of 1.5 even though 1.6 was already out (no Clarion, IDF Defender or shield were in the game). All the guns used the AK-47 model except for the pistols which used the pistol model from Half-Life 2. Planting the bomb would crash the game as it used a corrupt model.

Near the release of the Steam Beta, the users over at HL2World had released a patch that fixed a lot of the bugs and models. Included in this release was a server browser and more maps.


When the beta was leaked, the game was unable to run by itself and required that you had the Half-Life 2 Beta. If you have both then it can be installed in the follow way:

  • Go to the directory where the hl2.exe is in the Half-Life 2 Beta folder
  • Rename the bin folder to bin_orig
  • Then copy the files from the Counter-Strike Source leaked beta into the Half-Life 2 Beta folder
  • Launch the beta by running hl2.exe -console -game cstrike either from a shortcut or the command line

If you wish to play the Half-Life 2 Beta again. Rename the bin folder to bin_ports and change bin_orig back to bin. To launch the Half-life: Source beta run launch the Counter-Strike: Source leaked beta with hl2.exe -console -game hl1 .


As the bots are so useless in this build, multiplayer is supported in this build. All that is required is for the host to launch a map with port 27015 open. Clients can now join by typing into the console connect x.x.x.x:27015 and replacing the x's with the hosts IP address.



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