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This page replaces the Screenshots Gallery formerly in the forum. One of the reasons this was done is to allow wiki users to easily import stuff from the screenshot gallery without causing duplication. As a result do not upload any images from the Screenshots Gallery, MediaWiki should warn you anyway.

If you see images that are not tagged (that is, is not in the Screenshots Gallery), please categorise it, so that it gets added to the gallery.

  • If the category exists in the Screenshots Gallery, just add the image to the given category. This can be done by simply adding [[Category:categoryname]] to the image, and can be done in one click by using HotCat (which is installed on this wiki).
  • If the category does not exist (for instance, if it's a build that's not on the gallery), then create a category page [[Category:categoryname]] and add [[Category:Screenshots Gallery]] to the newly-created category. Now the new category should show up in Screenshots Gallery. Then follow the above step and add the image to the now-created category.


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