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Welcome to the BetaArchive Wiki Contribution Guidelines!

Please read this before contributing with any content to the Wiki.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, this is work in progress. If you are an editor, you can help by editing this article and adding more content you think should go here. If you are unsure whether to add something, or always that you want to delete, please discuss it in the discussion page of this page

Take in mind these points, so you can make sure your changes will not be reverted.

General Rules

  • Don't make lots of stub pages. Some builds don't deserve an entire page for themselves. Please do not create build pages nor link them if they don't worth more than 10 paragraphs. If you are unsure, ask on the article's discussion.
  • Please categorise every page you create. Right now most of the pages are uncategorised. This leads to confusion and difficult to manage all the pages of some kind all at once. If the category for something doesn't exists, ask on the article's discussion about a new category.
  • Make your material as original as possible. These rules, for example, were written entirely by myself, without any help :P. Please use your imagination, I'm sure you can.
  • Reference all your "lend work". Someone will write (And/or already wrote) some text that he/she got from somewhere on the net. Even if you only inspire (And not copy-paste) your work on another person's work, you must reference it. Take as a starting point for referencing the APA Citation format. For example you can use this page to make a reference.
  • Consult any edits you are unsure of. If you want to add something, but you are unsure about doing so, consult your decision in the article's discussion. All deletions should be always consulted before committing them.


  • Avoid using snipping tool. Most emulators or hypervisors have a screenshot feature. Screenshots look best when taken this way. If the emulator doesn't have this feature, you can use snipping tool, but if you can, use the emulator's integrated screenshot feature