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Creating Articles on the Wiki

When creating articles on this wiki there are a few rules that need to be followed:

  1. Always put a build box in containing information about the build.
  2. Categorize the page.
  3. Try filling the article with relevant stuff for at least one page. This can be with info from your own, or from external sources.
  4. Take as starting sections:
    • History. Anything known about the software and its development, its impact on the consumer market, etc.
    • Versions. All the known versions of the program with any additional info you can provide
    • Installation Instructions (if any). If the software has any installation method (setups, copy x files to y, run with this and this, etc.), include it. If the software hasn't any installation method or the binaries are not leaked yet, there's no need to include this section.
    • Hardware and software compatibility (optional). If you know on what hardware it runs better, on which hw it can barely run, what programs are compatible with the software or what OS needs to run, feel free to write it in this section.
    • Gallery. If any pics of the software exist, include them in this section (If no pics exist, don't include this section). You can use the gallery template to add the pics.
    • References. If you have taken any info from external sources, quote it here in a citation format. We recommend using the APA citation format.

    Remember that these are only as a mere template, so don't worry if there are any articles that haven't these sections or that have any additional sections.
    If you think you can add another section that isn't listed here, feel free to add it.
    If you can't complete any of these sections, don't include the section you can't complete.