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* [http://www.betaarchive.com/forum/rss.php RSS Feed], BetaArchive's RSS Feed for the forum.
* [http://www.betaarchive.com/forum/rss.php RSS Feed], BetaArchive's RSS Feed for the forum.
* [http://www.betaarchive.com/contributions.php Contribution Rules], Contribution Rules on how to get access and examples.
* [http://www.betaarchive.com/contributions.php Contribution Rules], Contribution Rules on how to get access and examples.
==Wikipedia Article==
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BetaArchive Wikipedia] contains an Article on BetaArchive, please help [[User:Andy|Andy]] to remove the article.<br>Read about [[User:Andy|Andy's]] rant about Wikipedia on his [http://www.andrewwhyman.com/blog/rants/wikipedia-lack-of-free-speech-why-cant-i-control-my-own-article/ personal website blog post].

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Betaarchive Logo.png
Betaarchive frontpage.png
BetaArchive Front Page

BetaArchive is one of the largest repositories of beta and alpha builds of software on the Web.

It was opened in August 2006 by Andrew Whyman and is currently managed by Andrew "Andy" Whyman with the assistance from co-admin mrpijey and the moderators. The site features a FTP server which is accessible once a user has attained the Advanced Member status on the forum.

Ranking System

Members get an star ranking system, shown between the user's avatar and user name, works a follows:

There are also special ranks, these are (were) set by Andy Manually or on a Group.
Note that Ex-OSBA used to be given out, but stopped back in 2008, Permantly Banned is not always set and the n00b was more of an joke that continued. There is also: I don't like the stars set for happy dude because he didn't like the stars.

Member Groups and Privileges

There are several groups on BetaArchive.

  • Site Administrator (Also called Staff)
  • Site Moderator (Also called Staff)
  • VIP Members
  • Advanced Members
  • Registered users (phpBB Default)
  • Newly Registered users (phpBB Default)

The Site Administrator / Site Moderator are the Staff members of BetaArchive and are invite only (if Andy/mrpijey needs you).

The VIP Members group you can get in by the following means: Donate US$5.00 or GBP2.50 or more, or with 750 posts and being an Advanced Member, you will need to PM Andy to get accepted.
This will give you access to the VIP Forums.

The Advanced Members group you can get in by posting 10 contributing posts and then requesting access by joining the group in the User Control Panel.
This will give you access to most of the restricted forums and you can get an FTP account with 50gb per day and locked to your IP.
linuxlove made a good tutorial for connecting to the BetaArchive FTP.

Members in the Registered users group can post freely in unlocked sections and you can now PM members and make contributing posts to get into the Advanced Members group.

The Newly Registered users group is the first group you get in (automatically) and it is limited to no PM's and all of the 3 posts need to be approved before you are automatically moved to the Registered users group.

Other BetaArchive Sections

Besides the Forum, BetaArchive has various other secions via the Website Navigation and links on the forum, these are noted here.

  • Photo Gallery, containing Screenshots of various Windows and other products.
  • Image Uploader, for uploading images on the forum, hotlinking to other websites are blocked.
  • Server Info, Keep an eye on the Server Information and Statistics.
  • FTP Servers, FTP Server information (Host, Account and Settings), Only Advanced members have access to this page.
  • Wiki, What you are reading now, the BetaArchive Wiki.
  • RSS Feed, BetaArchive's RSS Feed for the forum.
  • Contribution Rules, Contribution Rules on how to get access and examples.