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Hi, I'm jimmsta. I've been a member of the beta scene since 2003 or so. I was a member of the original OSBA, and have been on BetaArchive since its inception.


For years, I spent countless hours turning over every stone on World of Warcraft development history, and eventually one of the developers wrote a book on the subject - The WoW Diary (John Staats, 2018).

As of 2021, it appears that all the articles I wrote about the early builds of WoW have been deleted from the Wiki. Not sure why that is, maybe they just weren't up to the quality that the admins wanted -- but now there's no info on the internet about specific builds of World of Warcraft... I don't quite get that. The screenshots are still hosted on the wiki server, but the articles they were attached to have been eliminated. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of information about pre-public releases of WoW, like the E3 builds. All information previously garnered about those versions were, unfortunately, mostly speculation. After John Staats wrote his book, a lot more info was revealed, albeit not very detailed beyond what his input on those versions was.

My interests these days include: positivity and being a better person. I also dabble in some World of Warcraft world building, via the Noggit map editor, xbox emulation projects, and various little hobbies. 

Hit me up if you have an OG Xbox or Xbox 360 hardware issue. I have a relatively good understanding of the hardware and software side of things on both those machines. 

I worked for nearly 15 years professionally as an IT Sysadmin and repair tech. I got burned out. I vow to never do such work again, and have instead built up a decent tape digitization business for families to relive their histories. I go a few steps further than the competition, employing AI Upscale software to take ancient SD video and give it that 4k upgrade that it deserves. 

My goal in life is to help people. I'm one of those guys that offers to help, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of off-the-wall technical problems and solutions.