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Nothing to do with beta's here , just my arduino scratchpad

RC 1/14 Scale Range Rover

To Do

Create arduino basic framework code (define pin I/O) - 21/7/11
Bluetooth RS232 module
Connect Bluetooth RS232 module to pins 0(RX) , 1 (TX) ,+5v(power) , GND
Solder in headers ontop of relay shield for better access to pins
Relay Shield
Connections to be made to Com & N/o (N/C is connected when pin is LOW)- 21/7/11 used old floppy drive power cable and molex
Set pin HIGH to turn ON relay , pin LOW to turn OFF
Run standard timed relay test code, on for 1s, off for 1s -21/7/11 , surprised at the build quality, no solder splashes and everything fits in the headers
Motor shield
Again run standard motor tests
Intergrate relay and motor shield code
Create Roof rack for camera (use old caddy from sun server)- 22/7/11
Mount Wireless Video Transmitter - 22/7/11 - Duct tape to the rescue
BNC(camera) to RCA(transmitter) converter - 22/7/11 - Cheap ebay purchase £1.50 for 4
Step up 7.4v to 12v for camera
Step up 7.4v to 9v for transmitter
( or will it be better to step down 12v to 9v & 12v to 5V (for arduino) ?? ) - then again should probably not use the same power source for the motors & the arduino , could introduct noise in the lines
RC Car
Remove old mini bulbs from headlights/taillights and replace with leds - 22/7/11 Half done (not finished with the wig / wag circuit)
remove plastic windows
(side note , battery compartment on the rc car takes 5x AA - 7.5v , better to use this as input voltage for the arduino )
Arduino Code
Check state of pin before setting state (no point in setting a pin high/low , if it is already high/low)