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About Blizzardo1

I am Blizzardo1. I have been with BetaArchive since Friday April 17, 2009. I am a C# programmer who has developed a lot of things that have failed. For starters:

  • Breaker Browser: Never worked, only two people ever saw it, so it's not a big deal.
  • Notepad Silver: Originally it was to be a Text Editor that would allow the use of Batch Scripting and Syntax Highlighting... But that was a disaster and trying to rewrite that thing, was a pain.
  • BreakerOS: Predecessor to BlizzetaOS, which was also a disaster, was supposed to be kind of like a DSL or Damn Small Linux, but that was going to take more than what I could imaging... so NO!
  • Blizzeta: A dear child of mine, however, She became a mess after 6.4 Alpha. She was the one that was once known as VBBot? Remember? No?

2009: I have also created with the help of MarcelloC, VBBot, which became BlizzyBot, and its current release, Blizzeta.

  • Minecraft Server Addresses: An old program I wrote for DBlake1, which he didn't like because "It's useless and it will never succeed". Since the last time I've spoken with him, only two people thought it was a great idea. See Minecraft
  • Blizzeta Toolkit: A toolkit creation tool that will install Portable Apps onto a Flashdrive that can be used for PC Diagnostics.



The early years

Since 2010, I've been on plenty of minecraft servers out there, but my own, is legit, and others thought so too. Some Servers were too strict, or just complete rude. Some even had mods that would require you to break a block let's say wood, over 9 times just to retrieve it. and every hit wore my tools down, so it was a waste of time, and the staff were terrible.

Dawn of

After breaking contact with DBlake1, I've gathered at the time acquaintances, as we did talk a lot, we began testing our limits with Minecraft, Then a friends wanted to play with us in Multiplayer, however, playing on his computer was laggy as hell, so I decided to move his then map to my OVH, and we then called it WalrusCraft. It was great, for about a week, Rules were staggered, Some staff commands were restricted and needless to say that it was on an Ownership hierarchy. It then became an issue to where I just pulled the plug. We stopped contact. After that, User99672 and I have obtained the map and called it BlizzetaCraft... then later, just BlizzetaMC. Staff Hierarchy, established rules, everything was great from then on, WumboWalrus returned to us, and then...

The Clan of FP05

The Faster Payload 05 group has entered the server invited by Blackstarr580, with FasterPayload05 or FP05 asking where to mount. We gave them a section and they began building. About a month later we've noticed a few differences with them, as we the staff, not only were we on top of things, but also lenient, decided to audit some of the established cities by Members. (Now I'm not giving the full story because it will take up a lot of this page, due to the nature of some people who don't like to read long pages, not calling anyone names, I'm just that nice of a guy) - FP05 was banned along with his friends, except for Blackstarr580, he was chill...

March 2014

We have lost our VPS in November of 2013 due to a great deal of miscommunication and lack of service. (I'm not giving out their name, That makes me a jerk, and I don't flow that way) Thanks to Coolsecretspy and DrToxic, We have more than 3 Virtual Servers and our Website on a CPanel for a very great deal. Unfortunately, our Minecraft Servers are only on one physical machine, and the domain is static, but it's still lovely to play on.


Still Geeking it up after all these years: Making massive improvements with Blizzeta, and various types of projects, like experimenting with Game Development, and my Blizzeta Dashboard Program. We still have our Minecraft server that has been updated to latest as of 25.03.15, so please come head over and build with us!



Tekkit: <Down>

RingOfLightning (Original Private Beta Map, Revamped):

MC Programs

  • Private Beta Server Addresses, Now known as Minecraft Server Addresses, is a program developed by Blizzardo1 that allows you to keep track of a Member's status, and location of homes, mainly ideal for people with either HUGE maps or just have everything spread out.
  • Blizzeta Seed Generator is a program developed by Blizzardo1 that can Generate seeds based on how you want it, or reverse a new seed to help identify the initial date and time used, and then that is rumored to get the original seed. Inspired by OBattler it's the only link to regenerating his map to the original state of the map when it was generated on another Machine at a precise time.


Updates as of April 2015

  • I am and will always be hanging out with a bunch of Geeks over at Blizzeta. Want to join? Email him!
  • I'm on Geekshed, R-Type, SpeedRunsLive, and Twitch IRC
  • Still developing Blizzeta after 4 years. Since the beginning of 2014, I started to write her from scratch.

Updates as of April 2018

  • Wow, three years... damn
  • I've got a job over at QuadraNet as a Support Engineer, so I'm not always active anymore
  • My Coding has improved since 2015 and beyond
  • Current IRC Servers I lurk on: R-Type, Geekshed, Retrobox, Rizon : Please stop by, whois Blizzardo1 or GeneralKenobi to see the channels I'm in
  • Sooooooooo much GAMING!
  • From 2016 December to 2018 January, I had a major downfall of my life working for Sovereign Health of California, Always made me feel like I was not worth life. Once I got fired, it got worse. Through the months I've slowly recovered and discovered QuadraNet, they were my saving grace.
  • As well as BetaArchive having a Discord, My Discord is open to Friends, Let me know and I'll get a link for you.
  • Streaming is not a major part of my life, but I want to stream for fun, and talk to people while having fun.
  • Major Projects are:
    • Pubg.GunGame : On the Back Burner
    • MenuProgram : SDL Program for my Father's Fiancee's Restaurant
    • Neurio Project : Project for Granddad
    • SpotifyViewer : A project that takes components from the Discord Snip Integration Program I did back in 2016.
    • Blizzeta Zero : A continuous project since BlizzyBot back in 2009; This project has gone through multiple solutions... so much from start
    • Home Asset Management : Yes, HAM... get over it. Something to give me purpose and actually inventory my crap I mean... things >,>
    • Graphic Macro Button Box : Some back burner project for the Elgato Stream Deck
    • Discord Creeper : Can't continue with this one as it was supposed to be a self-bot, which Discord no longer allows.......

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