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Longhorn Progress

Note: This build list was copied from BetaWiki. I am not responsible for any changes or additions in this list and it should not be considered as reference material - I am only using it for documenting my progress.

Milestone 3

Wave 1

  • Unconfirmed build 3663.Lab06_N.020728-1728
  • Unconfirmed build 3670.Lab06_N.020819-1749

Wave 2

  • Leaked build 3683.Lab06_N.020923-1821


  • Leaked build 3706.Lab06_N.021029-1731
  • Unconfirmed build 3708.Lab06_N.021108-1847
  • Leaked build 3713.Lab06_N.021113-1841
  • Leaked build 3718.Lab06_N.021119-1730

Milestone 4

  • Confirmed build 4000
  • Leaked build 4001.main.021204-1515
  • Leaked build 4002.Lab06_N(ntvbl06).030108-1926
  • Leaked build 4005.main.030128-1920
  • Unconfirmed build 4006.main.030203-1038
  • Leaked build 4008.main.030219-1933
  • Leaked build 4011.main.030305-2045

Milestone 5

  • Leaked build 4015.main.030328-1500
  • Confirmed build 4015.Lab06_n.030403-1706
  • Leaked build 4017.main.030409-0735
  • Confirmed build 4018.Lab06_n.030417-1721
  • Leaked build 4020.idx02.030507-1155
  • Leaked build 4029.main.030619-0000
  • Leaked build 4030.main.030626-1414
  • Leaked build 4031.main.030703-0020

Milestone 6

  • Leaked build 4029.Lab06_n.030629-1710
  • Leaked build 4030.Lab06_n.030630-1724
  • Leaked build 4030.Lab06_n.030702-1727
  • Leaked build 4031.Lab06_n.030707-1834
  • Leaked build 4032.Lab06_n.030710-1709
  • Leaked build 4033.main.030717-1555
  • Leaked build 4033.idx01.030730-1630
  • Leaked build 4038.main.030813-1852
  • Leaked build 4039.Lab06_n.030824-1954
  • Leaked build 4039.Lab06_n.030827-1717
  • Leaked build 4040.Lab04_N.030828-1910
  • Leaked build 4042.main.030905-1800

Milestone 7

  • Leaked build 4042.Lab06_n.030909-1709
  • Confirmed build 4044.Lab06_n.030915-1925
  • Leaked build 4048.idx02.030925-1900
  • Leaked build 4050.idx02.030928-0552
  • Unconfirmed build 4050.private/lab06_demo.031013-1849
  • Confirmed build 4050.private/lab06_demo.031018-2015
  • Confirmed build 4050.private/lab06_demo.031019-1809
  • Confirmed build 4050.private/lab06_demo.031020-1959
  • Confirmed build 4050.private/lab06_demo.031022-????
  • Leaked build 4051.idx02.031001-1340
  • Leaked build 4053.main.031022-1720
  • Confirmed build 4059
  • Confirmed build 4065.Lab06_N.040225-1908
  • Confirmed build 4067.private/lddm_dev_tech(davidmo).040212-1646
  • Confirmed build 4069.?.040???-????
  • Leaked build 4074.idx02.040425-1535
  • Leaked build 4081.main.040503-1625
  • Leaked build 4082.main.040510-2230
  • Leaked build 4083.main.040516-1537
  • Leaked build 4084.main.040527-0915
  • Leaked build 4085.main.040603-1817
  • Leaked build 4085.Lab07_N.040609-2350
  • Leaked build 4086.main.040615-1745
  • Leaked build 4086.lab03_dev.040629-1910
  • Leaked build 4086.Lab01_N.040704-2000
  • Leaked build 4087.main.040626-0846
  • Leaked build 4088.Lab02_N.040706-1655
  • Unconfirmed build 4089.private_lab06_dev_ux.040721-1800
  • Leaked build 4093.main.040819-1215


  • Wave 1 of Longhorn is complete. This wave was mostly practice and preparation for real documentation. Documenting a leaked build to its fullest is not easy and might take days (even more, depending on how much I find time for this). The preparations for 3683 have already started, and if I don't advance at least a little in the next few days, then real life must be seriously in the way (tip: it should not be). After 17 May (and maybe a little more, depends on how much I get school stuff), there should be plenty of time to deal with Longhorn builds. --ATeamInc (talk) 22:03, 2 May 2021 (BST)