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Talk:Windows 98/4.10.1633

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Words like hoarding are NOT desirable on the wiki, due to the nature of one's personal reasons why he won't share something. I'd also kindly ask you all to avoid explicitly naming people who are rumoured to have certain builds, because it has proven in the past that such rumors were inaccurate or even false. Also, how can you say the build isn't proven to exist and then outright claim someone has it, without any proof as suggested by the first sentence? At most, you should say "he is supposed to have it".

I hope this clears things up, please beware that if any more articles which mention ANYONE hoarding builds show up, I will talk to Andy about this.


I was hoping to talk to the offender about this, but you posted this before me. Nevertheless, I fully agree with you.

Here's a good example demonstrating Overdoze's point:

Undesirable usage of words: "Courage hoards Windows 8 build 8888." (No, I don't.) Better usage: "Some guy is supposed to have Windows 8 build 8888."

I hope that he/she learns his/her lesson.


I had the same concerns but I felt that there were more important things than to do than to bring them up. It would probably have been better if your concerns were placed on the user's talk page, DeFacto. (Maza (talk) 16:43, 12 October 2014 (BST))

This was the second time that user wrote such an article, in which he accused someone of hoarding. I just used this page to talk things through in a civilized manner, because things like these need to be resolved and not simply ignored. The wiki should be an independent and neutral source of information, regardless of who wrote the article or what it's about. If this happens again I will definitely talk to the user directly (and to staff if things progress even further), but for now, this should be enough of a warning that accusations don't belong on the wiki.


Actually it has happened more than twice. I agree with everything you've said, though. (Maza (talk) 17:43, 12 October 2014 (BST))