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Talk:Windows 1.0/COMDEX 1983

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The reason for why I removed the "disclaimer" (as you call it) in the first place was because of the fact that there is no proof provided that the terms "Development Release 1" through "Development Release 4" were even used in the first place, let alone that they were applied to the 1983 COMDEX demonstration.

I would have simply renamed the page, but the way that the wiki software is designed, it is so confusing that I just kept the old name since there was no clear way of renaming pages (first it makes you use the "Move" feature", and then even at that, it's hidden within the "More" menu so that it's not easily visible but is more often than not missed by most users).

Still, I think that you should see my point now, and as such, I will rename the article to "Windows:1:COMDEX1983" to comply with the correct naming standards.

Sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

- SoftPCMuseum