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No Network Services if Real Mode Redirector Started

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Article Last Modified on 9/29/1999


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1

This article was previously published under Q93252


You can start the real mode redirector before Windows for Workgroups by typing any of the following at the MS-DOS command prompt:

net start workstation
net start full
net start basic

After starting Windows for Workgroups, you cannot connect to or enable your own shared resources. If you then disable the real mode redirector by typing net stop at an MS-DOS command prompt, you can enable resource sharing. However, you still cannot connect to other computers on your Windows for Workgroups network. If you try, the following error message is displayed:

The Windows for Workgroups network cannot be started. Run the Setup program again to correctly configure Windows for Workgroups.


If you load the real mode redirector before starting Windows for Workgroups, the protect mode redirector, VREDIR.386, does not start. However, VSERVER.386, the resource sharing driver, does load. This is why, after stopping the real mode redirector, some network services are available.


To enable all network services, you must exit Windows for Workgroups, make sure the real mode redirector is stopped, and then restart Windowsfor Workgroups.

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