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Name Property Cannot Be Set When Using Implicit Property

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2003


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q93214


On Page 126 of the Visual Basic Programmer's Guide, it incorrectly states that all controls have an implicit property you can use for storing or retrieving values. Some controls supplied with the Professional Edition of Visual Basic for Windows use the Name property as their implicit property, which you cannot use at run-time.


The following controls from the Visual Basic Professional Edition use the Name property as their implicit property:

Common dialog
MAPI session
MAPI message
Spin button

Attempting to access the implicit property of these controls results in one of the following errors:

'Name' property cannot be read at run time
'Name' property cannot be set at run time

You access the implicit property of a control (also known as the "value of a control" or the "default value of a control") by writing the control name with no property. For example, with a text box named Text1, you can write the following statement to assign a value to the Text property:

   Text1 = "hello world"

The following list shows the implicit properties for all the controls in both the Standard and Professional Editions:

Standard Control        Implicit Property
----------------------  ------------------
Check box               Value
Combo box               Text
Command button          Value
Directory list box      Path
Drive list box          Drive
File list box           FileName
Frame                   Caption
Grid                    Text
Image                   Picture
Label                   Caption
Line                    Visible
List box                Text
Menu                    Enabled
OLE client              Action
Option button           Value
Picture box             Picture
Scroll bar vertical     Value
Scroll bar horizontal   Value
Shape                   Shape
Text box                Text
Timer                   Enabled

Professional Control    Implicit Property
----------------------  ------------------
3D check box            Value
3D command button       Value
3D frame                Caption
3D group push button    Value
3D option button        Value
3D panel                Caption
Animated button         Value
Common dialog           Name (not usable)
Communications          Input
Gauge                   Value
Graph                   QuickData
Key status              Value
MAPI session            Name (not usable)
MAPI message            Name (not usable)
Masked edit             Text
Multimedia MCI          Command
Pen BEdit               Text
Pen HEdit               Text
Pen ink on bitmap       Picture
Pen on-screen keyboard  Visible
Picture clip            Picture
Spin button             Name (not usable)

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