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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail Client 3.0

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This article describes the client installation process for Microsoft Mail for Windows, version 3.0b. It tells you which files are transferred, modified, or replaced when you install Mail for Windows on a Microsoft Windows version 3.1 client workstation.

The primary purpose of this article is to give Mail administrators a rough idea of what happens during the setup process. Use this document as a guide when doing a manual installation.


   Term              Description

   \WINDIR\          Represents the previously installed Windows

   \MSMAIL\          Represents the newly installed Microsoft Mail for
                     Windows 3.0b directory created during setup

   C:                Represents the drive letter

Files and Directories Added by the Setup Process

   MSMAIL.INI        Mail for Windows initialization file
   MSMAILPV.INI      Mail for Windows providers initialization file
   SCHDPLUS.INI      Schedule+ for Windows initialization file
   MSSFS.DLL         Microsoft Shared File System (PC Mail) transport

   MSSP_AM.LEX       Dictionary
   MSSPELL.DLL       Spell checker

   TRNSCHED.DLL      Schedule+ transactions
   FILES.INI         Mail driver information
   MSMAIL.INI        Mail for Windows initialization file
   SCHDPLUS.INI      Schedule+ for Windows initialization file

   MSMAIL.EXE        Mail For Windows program file
   CONVERT.EXE       Converts folders from Mail 2.1
   FAXVIEW.EXE       FAX viewer
   IMPEXP.DLL        Import/Export of folders
   SCHEDMSG.DLL      Schedule+ invite form
   VFORMS.DLL        Standard forms
   AB.DLL            Address book
   DEMILAYR.DLL      Memory
   FRAMEWRK.DLL      User interface
   MAILMGR.DLL       Authorization
   MAILSPL.EXE       Spooler
   MAPI.DLL          Mail application interface
   MSMAIL3.FON       Default proportional font
   PABNSP.DLL        Personal address book name service provider
   STORE.DLL         Message store
   SENDFILE.DLL      Send File option for File Manager
   FAXVIEW.HLP       FAX Viewer help file
   MSMAIL.HLP        Mail for Windows help file
   WINHELP.HLP       Windows 3.1 help file for Help
   CBTLIB3.DLL       Computer-based training
   CLKLIB.DEX        Demo files
   MSMAIL.LES        Computer-based training lessons
   PLAY.EXE          Runs the demo

Modifications to WIN.INI

Adds three key lines to the existing [Extensions] section:

[Extensions] dcx=C:\MSMAIL\FAXVIEW.EXE ^.dcx

Creates a new [Mail] section and adds a single key line:


Creates a new [MS Proofing Tools] section or modifies the [MS Proofing Tools] section if it already exists and adds two key lines for Spelling and Customer Dict:

[MS Proofing Tools]



Adds one key line to the existing [Sounds] section:


Files and Directories Changed by the Setup Process


   PROGMAN.INI       Program Manager initialization file
   REG.DAT           Registration database for Microsoft Mail
   WIN.INI           Windows initialization file
   WINFILE.INI       File Manager initialization file

Changes to PROGMAN.INI

Creates new group file (Microsof.grp) if one does not exist and adds the Microsoft Mail icon as a group item with these properties:

   Description:        Microsoft Mail
   Command Line:       \MSMAIL\msmail.exe
   Working Directory:  \MSMAIL

Changes to REG.DAT

Places a line in the registration database (REG.DAT) for Microsoft Mail using \MSMAIL\MSMAIL.EXE as the command line.

Changes to WINFILE.INI

Creates new [AddOns] section or modifies existing [AddOns] section:

Mail File Manager Extension=\WINDIR\SYSTEM\SENDFILE.DLL

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