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PC DOS: Advanced Security on NetWare MS-DOS Client

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0

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The advanced security feature provided by version 3.0 of Microsoft Mail for PC Networks is designed for networks that support MS-DOS Interrupt 21, Function 5F. Novell NetWare's shell (Netx or IPX) does not support this call.


You can work around this problem on a Microsoft Mail for MS-DOS Novell NetWare workstation by using the following procedure:

  1. Create a batch file with the following commands:

          @echo off
          ;Set search drive to mail executables:
          MAP INS S1:=server name/volume name:mail exe dir_name
          ;Set drive mapping to mail database:
          MAP M: =server name/volume name:mail database dir_name
          ;Start mail program:
          ;Delete search drive to mail executable:
          MAP DEL S1:
          ;Delete drive mapping to mail database:
          MAP DEL M:
  2. Store the batch file in a public share subdirectory that is on your workstation's search path after logging in. Flag the batch file as RSH (read only, sharable, hidden) by using the following command:

    flag <filename> rsh

  3. Run the batch file. It will establish the proper drive mappings and start Microsoft Mail.

When you exit from Microsoft Mail, the batch program will delete the drive mappings and return you to the MS-DOS prompt. Because the batch file is flagged as read only and hidden, a user other than yourself, working at your workstation, will not be able to access the file unless he or she knows the filename. Even if he or she could access the file, he or she cannot modify the batch file because you flagged it as read only.

To prevent the user from shelling out to MS-DOS from within the MS-DOS Mail client, you should disable this right when creating the user. For information on how to do this, see page 96 of the Microsoft Mail "Administrator's Guide."

As an additional option, you can place the command BREAK=OFF in the workstation's CONFIG.SYS file. This will prevent someone from terminating the batch file in the middle of execution after the drive mappings have been established.

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