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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Desktop Standard Profile Maker 9.x

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Article Last Modified on 1/30/2007


  • Profile Maker Professional 9.0


This article answers some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Desktop Standard Profile Maker 9.x. Profile Maker uses an architecture that complements the Group Policy-based PolicyMaker products. Profile Maker is ideally suited for managed networks and for network segments that cannot be managed by using Group Policy for any reason. An example of such a reason is a network segment that does not implement Active Directory.


Q1: Can I upgrade from an earlier version of Profile Maker to Profile Maker 9.x?

A1: Yes, you can upgrade from Profile Maker 8.x to Profile Maker 9.x.

Q2: Do I have to uninstall the earlier version of Profile Maker before I upgrade to a later version?

A2: No. However, beta versions of Profile Maker or versions that are earlier than Profile Maker 8.01 should be uninstalled first.

Q3: Do I have to reinstall the license after I perform the upgrade?

A3: No. However, if you upgrade from an earlier major version of the program to Profile Maker 9.x, you must purchase a Profile Maker 9.x license or run Profile Maker 9.x under an evaluation key together with the associated limitations of that key. An example of an earlier major version is version 7.x or 8.x.

Q4: Does configuration data remain after an upgrade to Profile Maker 9.x?

A4: Yes, if you upgrade from Profile Maker 8.01 or a later version. The configuration data does not remain if you upgrade from a version that is earlier than Profile Maker 8.01.

Q5: When I upgrade Profile Maker, do I have to also update Secondary Services?

A5: Yes, you must update all Secondary Services. This process can be performed within the Profile Maker snap-in. If a particular Secondary Service is an old version of Profile Maker, a yellow exclamation mark appears on the icon for the snap-in.

Q6: When I upgrade Profile Maker, do I have to reconfigure the access control lists or the service account information?

A6: No, access control lists and service account data remain the same after the upgrade.

Q7: When I upgrade Profile Maker, do I have to configure the service account on each Secondary Service?

A7: No, except if you are using "/a" option to perform the upgrade. This option requires a named service account for the Secondary Service. If you use this option, you must reset that named service account on the master console after the upgrade is complete. This is a limitation of the installation process. The installation process fully deletes and reinstalls the services. Remote services do not have this problem.

Q8: When I upgrade Profile Maker, do I have to update the client program that is running on the computers of end-users?

A8: Yes.

Q9: Do Profile Maker 7.x and 8.x support configurations and packages that are created by Profile Maker 9.x?

A9: No.

Q10: Is there an upgrade of configuration data from Profile Maker 5.x if you upgrade from Profile Maker 5.x to a later version?

A10: No.

Q11: Must I restart the computer after I install Profile Maker?

A11: Typically, you do not have to restart the computer after the upgrade. However, you must restart the computer if you install Profile Maker on a computer that does not have Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.5 installed. Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows have MDAC pre-installed.

Q12: When any Secondary Service is updated, are end-users affected?

A12: Each Secondary Service finishes any pending transactions before it lets itself to be shut down. You should make sure that end-users will not require access to the target Secondary Service before you perform the upgrade. The upgrade will temporarily shut down the Secondary Service. When this occurs, end-users may receive an initialization error.

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