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Troubleshooting issues that you may have with the Zune FM Transmitter v1

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Article Last Modified on 12/12/2007


  • Zune Digital Media Player
  • Zune FM Transmitter
  • Zune 4GB Digital Media Player
  • Zune 8GB Digital Media Player
  • Zune 30GB Digital Media Player
  • Zune 80GB Digital Media Player


Radio reception is weak or irregular when you use the Zune FM Transmitter v1 in a vehicle.


Typically, you experience this behavior if environmental factors are affecting the performance of the Zune FM Transmitter v1. Several factors can affect the quality of the radio reception. These factors include the location of your vehicle’s antenna, the broadcast strength of radio stations on neighboring frequencies, and the closeness and broadcast strength of other FM transmitters or other similar devices. The radio reception that you experience with the Zune FM Transmitter v1 can vary among different kinds of vehicles.


  1. Turn on the Zune device and the Zune FM Transmitter before you connect the transmitter and the device.
    • To turn on the Zune device, press the Play/Pause button.
    • To turn on the FM transmitter, connect it to a power source, such as the Zune Car Charger.
  2. Try using another unused frequency that may offer less interference. Other than merely using trial and error, you can use one of the free resource sites on the Internet to help you locate an unused frequency in your area. An example is This site provides a "Find unused frequencies on the FM dial" option that is based on your city and your state or your ZIP Code.
  3. To help improve the reception of the FM transmitter, try different positions for the Zune device and the FM transmitter in your vehicle.
  4. If you are using the Zune FM Transmitter with the Zune 30GB device, turn off the equalizer setting. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. From the home screen, select Settings, and then press the center of the Zune pad.
    2. Select music, and then press the center of the Zune pad.
    3. Select equalizer, and then press the center of the Zune pad until the equalizer lists none.

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