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You cannot redeem a Zune trial offer, a prepaid subscription, or a prepaid points card

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Article Last Modified on 9/20/2007


  • Zune Live
  • Zune software


You cannot redeem a Zune trial offer, a prepaid subscription code, or a prepaid points code. When you try to redeem a code, you may receive one of the following error messages:

Can't redeemed your code, the code is either mistyped or is valid for a different site.

Can’t redeem your code. Please try again.


Many different issues can cause this behavior.


  1. Verify that you entered the correct code by confirming that the code matches the code that appears on the card.

    • Codes are 25-digit alphanumeric strings.
    • Some numbers and letters may look similar. Therefore, be aware when you enter the code. For example, the numeral "8" may resemble the uppercase letter "B."
  2. Make sure that you have not already redeemed the code that you are trying to use.
  3. If you still cannot redeem the code in the Zune Marketplace, the network may be experiencing heavy traffic. Visit the following Web site to verify the service status of the Zune Marketplace: The current status appears under "Zune Marketplace Service Status."
  4. If the Zune Marketplace service is unavailable or is experiencing network issues, you may be temporarily unable to redeem the code. Try again later.

Note Zune trial subscriptions are limited to one trial subscription per Zune account. If you have already redeemed a Zune trial subscription code and you try to redeem another code, you will experience the behavior that is described in this article.

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