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Media Player Cannot Play Audio CD If CDAudio=0 in MPLAYER.INI


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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.1, 3.11


Media Player cannot play an audio compact disc (CD) if the line CDAudio=0 appears in the MPLAYER.INI file. This line may be present if a problem occurs when the SYSTEM.INI file, if the MPLAYER.INI file is updated, or if there is a problem with the CD-ROM drivers.


The CD Audio driver can be disabled if the CD-ROM drivers (including MSCDEX) are not loaded when Media Player is started or if there is a hardware problem when the SYSTEM.INI is updated. Media Player updates the MPLAYER.INI file after any changes are made to the SYSTEM.INI file and changes the CDAudio=17 (enabled) line to CDAudio=0 (disabled) if Windows is unable to detect the presence of the CD-ROM player. If the problem persists, rename MPLAYER.INI to MPLAYER.PSS, put an audio disk in the drive, and restart Media Player.

On some systems, if there is no disk in the CD-ROM drive, CDAudio=0 appears in the MPLAYER.INI file when the SYSTEM.INI file is updated. The SYSTEM.INI file may be updated this way if you use the Windows Setup program to install a new driver when there is no disk in the CD-ROM drive. If this occurs, the CD Audio is disabled.

Note that this problem does not occur with all CD-ROM players.

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