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  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002
  • Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit x86)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (32-bit x86)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition (32-bit x86)


This article discusses the following:

  • Settings that are restored to the default setting when you use the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool to deploy a computer
  • Sysprep functions and restrictions
  • Known issues that occur when you run Sysprep

For more information about Sysprep, see the OEM Preinstallation Kit User's Guide.


Settings that are restored to their default settings

The following settings are restored to their default settings when you use Sysprep to deploy the computer.

System properties

  • Computer name
  • Active Directory directory service or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 domain membership status
  • Drive letter assignment

Note The drive letter is assigned to the first recognized partitions in the order that they appear during installation.

  • Settings in the Startup and Recovery area on the Advanced tab of the computer properties dialog box
  • Duration of time to display the dump configuration and the operating systems list
  • Virtual memory settings in the Performance area on the Advanced tab of the computer properties dialog box
  • Drive settings that are related to the system restore operation on the System Restore tab of the computer properties dialog box

Disk and file systems

  • All functions that are stored in Storage Provider
  • User rights settings in the Documents and Settings\Default User folder
  • Disk quota settings for local users
  • Hard-coded values that are stored for drive letters
  • Short file names for paths

Network and dial-up connection settings

  • Modem settings
  • Wireless network connections
  • Network bridge connections
  • Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server
  • Network adapter settings in the virtual PCI bus

Applications that are embedded together with Windows settings

  • Subscription information in Internet Explorer
  • Autocomplete information in Internet Explorer
  • Saved passwords in Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Outlook Express mail server or directory server passwords that are initialized
  • Settings for Internet Options on the Security tab in Internet Explorer

Regional and language options

  • Input language settings
  • Keyboard in the Installed services settings on the Languages tab of Regional and Language Options
  • Languages that do not support Unicode settings on the Advanced tab of Regional and Language Options

System-specific settings

  • Private database files
  • Stored computer-specific information
  • Active Directory information that is stored on the local computer
  • Local computer information that is stored in Active Directory
  • Unique certificate information to install each Windows-based computer
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) information
  • Other items, such as Windows-specific variables in the private data store that are unique for each computer and for each installation or variables that change when you transfer Windows to different hardware

Hardware and device drivers

  • Network adapter drivers without digital signatures are replaced by the latest drivers that have a digital signatures
  • Power options
  • Other information about peripheral equipment that is installed on a computer, such as serial numbers, asset tags, or vendor tags
  • Network hardware information, such as media access control information, GUID information, or serial numbers

Other settings

  • Desktop icons
  • Screen saver settings
  • Start settings for a service
  • Service pack source paths
  • Local user names or group names that are hard-coded
  • %systemdrive%, %userprofile%, or other values that are hard-coded

Other modifications that are made by Sysprep

  • Shortcuts may be added or removed from the desktop
  • Old fonts, such as the Gulim.ttf and Simsun.ttf fonts, are replaced by the .ttc format font file
  • Real-time clock in the BIOS may be set back one hour

Sysprep functions and restrictions

KB Number Title Category
271369 Statically-entered TCP/IP settings are not present after Sysprep Settings
820936 Windows Media Player shortcut is added to the desktop after you run Sysprep Settings
899855 The BIOS real-time clock is set back one hour after you deploy a Windows XP System Preparation image to a computer Settings
928543 How to automatically assign a drive letter by using the Diskpart.exe command Settings
912825 You notice that certain hardware component settings are either reset or missing in a Windows XP-based Sysprep image after you deploy the image Settings
811428 Event ID 7011 messages and computer stops responding after you install Windows XP by using the Sysprep utility General
815229 When using sysprep.exe, passwords cannot be saved General
837494 You are prompted for the product key while the Windows XP Setup program is running, although you use an answer file that contains a product key General
903262 A Windows 2000-based or Windows XP-based computer that was set up by using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP image does not appear in the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) console General

Known issues

KB Number Title Status
299899 Setting the ClearType option for an Unattend setup does not work Fixed

(Windows XP Service Pack 1)

307316 Volume License product ID is revealed during the Sysprep.exe Mini-Setup wizard Fixed

(Windows XP Service Pack 1)

316134 You cannot log on to Windows XP after running the Out-of-Box Experience Fixed

(Windows XP Service Pack 1)

308402 "The password is not valid" error message appears when you log on to Recovery Console in Windows XP Fixed
317086 The AutoAdminLogon feature does not work after you use Sysprep Fixed
319928 Microsoft links do not appear in the MFU List after you run Sysprep on a Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack Build Fixed
322936 Joining a Sysprep.exe image of Windows XP creates duplicate computer accounts in Active Directory Fixed
812599 Opportunistic locking may not be granted if Windows is installed by using Sysprep Fixed
815496 The Sysprep tool does not correctly clean information in the "Protected Storage System Provider" key Fixed
827385 IIS settings are missing after you run Sysprep with the -nosidgen command-line switch Fixed
831783 Security policies are not applied to a RIS or Sysprep deployed image of Windows XP on first start Fixed
836872 You receive error messages when you run programs that use common language runtime version 1.0 on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Fixed
838271 Sysprep changes the computer name from lower case letters to upper case letters when deploying Windows XP Fixed

(Windows XP Service Pack 2)

883667 Windows XP Setup program may stop responding during video driver installation Fixed

(Windows XP Service Pack 2)

887816 Changes in behavior of the SysPrep and RIPREP tools after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 Fixed
888239 The Welcome music and video do not play during the Out-Of-Box Experience Wizard after you use a Sysprep image to distribute Windows XP Service Pack 2 Fixed
889073 The IIS and SMTP services do not start when you deploy a Windows XP SP2 Sysprep image on your Windows XP SP2-based computer Fixed
894871 When you use the System Preparation tool and the Sysprep.inf file to update drivers on a Microsoft Windows XP image, the File Signature Verification tool may report that some drivers are not digitally signed Fixed
900336 Sysprep.exe may generate duplicate computer names when you use Sysprep.exe to deploy Windows Server 2003 on a computer network Fixed
910678 The Sysprep MiniSetup Wizard may stop responding when you run the wizard to install a Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 image Fixed
920293 You cannot configure a network adapter that resides on a virtual bus to use a static IP address in an automated deployment of Windows Server 2003 Fixed
283079 No mouse or keyboard response during Sysprep mini-Setup Not fixed
309433 You Cannot Change the Default User Interface Language After You Run Sysprep Not fixed
313111 Scheduled tasks may not start if you used a System Preparation image to install Windows XP or Windows 2000 Not fixed
314940 Event ID 7005 When You Use Sysprep.exe with the -mini Switch Not fixed
823729 Sysprep May Not Consistently Apply the Per-User Settings That Are Specified in Winbom.ini Not fixed
894570 Sysprep does not update the DevicePath value in the registry with information from OemPnpDriversPath in Windows XP Professional Not fixed
897098 The DHCPClassID option is not transmitted correctly over the network connection if you use the System Preparation tool (Sysprep.exe) DHCPClassID option to deploy a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer Not fixed
908578 You are unexpectedly prompted to enter the product key when you run the Out of Box Experience Wizard in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Not fixed
908784 New users are still limited by the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration component in Windows Server 2003 after this component is removed Not fixed
837790 Factory mode customizations are lost when you run the Out Of Box Experience Wizard Fixed

How to use Sysprep

KB Number Title Category
288326 Sysprep.inf file is not read from floppy disk Settings
294799 The Search Path order for the Winbom.ini file when you run Sysprep Settings
298503 Driver signing registry values cannot be modified directly in Windows Settings
303786 Missing [SysprepMassStorage] section causes STOP 0x7B error message on Windows XP Sysprep images Settings
307543 Preventing Sysprep from Removing Default and Custom Desktop Icons and Shortcuts Settings
811428 Event ID 7011 messages and computer stops responding after you install Windows XP by Using the Sysprep Utility Settings
813138 Description of the KeepPageFile= setting for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Settings
818171 "An Error Has Been Encountered That Prevents Setup from Continuing" error message when Sysprep Mini Wizard runs Settings
837691 Hardware devices not installed in Sysprep image Settings
838856 Windows stops responding when you try to install Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 by using a Sysprep image Settings
282190 Description of new features in Sysprep for Windows XP General
308554 "Error 0x80040605 Re-arming" error message when you try to run Riprep.exe or Sysprep.exe on Windows XP General
314460 System Preparation tool and answer file usage General
321070 How to disable the Mini-Setup Wizard on a Windows XP-based computer on which you used Sysprep General
828287 Unsupported Sysprep scenarios General
830958 Summary of the limitations of the System Preparation tool General
838080 Updated System Preparation tool for Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 General
899356 How to access the "Preserving OEM Pre-Activation when Re-installing Windows XP" white paper for Windows XP General


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