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Error message on your Zune device: "Can't send songs because of rights restrictions"

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Article Last Modified on 9/20/2007


  • Zune Digital Media Player


When you try to send audio files from your Zune device, you receive one of the following error messages:

x of n songs sent to <device name>
Can't send songs because of rights restrictions.

x of n songs sent to <device name>.
Can't send some songs because of rights restrictions.


This behavior occurs when one or more of the tracks that you are trying to send do not have the appropriate send rights.


  1. Send a different audio file.

    Browse your Zune device for other audio files that you own, and then send these files instead.
    • You cannot send the same audio file to the same Zune device multiple times.
    • You cannot re-send an audio file that you received by using Zune device to Zune device wireless sharing to someone else.
  2. Send files from your personal library.

    You can send any files that you ripped from music CDs that you own and that are contained in your Zune library to friends or family members. When your friends or family members receive these files, they can sample the files up to three times in three days.

    Note You cannot send the same audio file to the same device multiple times.

  3. Send picture files.

    If you feel that the Zune device to Zune device wireless sharing feature is not working correctly, you can test the wireless sharing feature by trying to send a picture instead. Try sending your friend or family member a picture file from your Zune device to test the sharing feature and functionality.

    Note Your Zune device comes preloaded with a variety of images.


Media usage rights are permissions to use a protected audio or video file in a particular way.

Content owners specify the media usage rights for content that was obtained from the Zune Marketplace, and how you can use the protected audio that you subscribe to or purchase. For example, media usage rights may let you play an audio file on a computer (a play right), to burn the audio file to an audio CD (a burn right), to sync the audio file to your Zune device (a sync right), or to send the audio file to a Zune device (a send right).

For the content that we sell through the Zune Marketplace, we will respect any restrictions that the content owners have applied for sending.

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