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PC WSPlus: Changes and Enhancements Made in Schedule+ 1.0a

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  • Microsoft Schedule+ 1.0a

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Version 1.0a of Microsoft Schedule+ for PC Networks was released in November 1992. The following is a description of the changes made in version 1.0a.

  1. Running Schedule+ without SHARE.EXE:

SHARE.EXE is required to use Schedule+ offline, but it is not required while working online. To use Schedule+ without SHARE.EXE, you must be using version 3.0b or later of Microsoft Mail for Windows and you must be connected to your mail server. If you are working online without SHARE.EXE and you switch to your offline file (by choosing Work Offline from the File menu or by losing the connection to your mail server), Schedule+ will quit. To restart Schedule+ offline, exit Windows, run SHARE.EXE, and then restart Windows and Schedule+.

  1. Sharing Data between Schedule+ and the Sharp Wizard:

Schedule+ can share information with all the Sharp Wizard models, using Sharp's Organizer Link II. The Sharp Wizard/IQ format is an option in the Import Appointments and Export Appointments commands. You can export your appointments to the Sharp Wizard by choosing Export Appointments from the File menu and selecting Sharp Wizard/IQ as the export format. Likewise, you can use the Import Appointments command to import a Wizard calendar into Schedule+. Wizard support is documented only in the Schedule+ README.DOC file. There is no printed documentation or online help describing the Sharp Wizard support.

  1. The utility that recovers corrupted calendars is more robust.
  2. Window positions are restored as expected after running minimized.
  3. It is now possible to import appointments/tasks that include the backslash (\) character.
  4. Automatic recovery is much more robust.
  5. Offline appointments made on the last day of the month are now merged into the online file.
  6. Installation into a directory with international characters now works correctly.

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