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COMPAQ Portable Hangs when Sleep Button or ALT+TAB Pressed


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.0, 3.0a


The following two sections relate information on two similar, battery-saving features of COMPAQ portable computers:

  • Pressing ALT+TAB on COMPAQ SLT
  • Pressing Sleep button on COMPAQ portables



On a COMPAQ SLT/286, the screen may go blank after you press ALT+TAB to switch from Windows to an MS-DOS-based application. This symptom is directly related to the COMPAQ PowerCon utility.

PowerCon can be disabled by running the COMPAQ Setup utility provided with the system. This alleviates the problem, but does not provide the power conservation features offered by PowerCon.

PowerCon conserves battery life by shutting down the display and hard disk after a specified period of inactivity. The ALT+TAB combinations prematurely trigger the PowerCon utility.

Pressing Sleep Button on COMPAQ Portables

Some COMPAQ portable computers have a Sleep button. Pressing this button temporarily suspends computer operations to save battery life. If you press this button while Windows is running in the foreground, you may not be able to regain control of your computer without restarting. However, if you start MS-DOS Prompt, and then press the Sleep button, the computer goes into "sleep" mode and then resumes, just as the manual says it should.

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