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Word: Unable to Link a Multiplan 4.20 Spreadsheet

PSS ID Number: Q59054 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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When trying to import information with the Library Link Spreadsheet command from a spreadsheet created by Microsoft Multiplan version 4.20, the error message “Not a valid spreadsheet” will appear in Word version 5.00. This is because the file format of Multiplan version 4.20 was changed from that of previous versions. However, the following steps can be used to save files from Multiplan 4.20 to a format that Word 5.00 can recognize:

  1. In Multiplan, set the Transfer Options “mode:” field to Chart.
  2. Save the spreadsheet under a new name with the Transfer Save command.

This procedure creates a file in Multiplan version 4.00 file format, which can then be linked into Word.

This problem has been corrected in Word 5.50. To link Multiplan 4.20 spreadsheet information into a Word 5.50 document, do the following:

  1. Choose Insert File (ALT, I, F).
  2. Type in the spreadsheet filename to be linked.
  3. Choose Link (ALT+L).
  4. Press ENTER.

Multiplan documents saved in a Normal or ASCII format may be imported directly in Word version 5.50 if they are not linked.

“Microsoft Word, Using Microsoft Word.” version 5.50, pages 558-565.

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