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Cannot Merge Multiple Data Documents in a Print Merge

PSS ID Number: Q58986 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Using multiple data documents with different header records is not a supported feature in Word Version 5.00. Only one data document can be merged during one print merge session.


If the header records are the same for multiple data documents, then the following workaround can be used to merge multiple data documents with one main document:

  1. Create a header record file by placing the header record in a file by itself.

  2. Delete the header record out of each data document that will be involved with the Print Merge. The DATA statement in the main document must be updated to include both the header record filename and the name of the current data document. For example,


    where HFORDERS.DOC is the header record file and ORDERS1.DOC is the current data document.

  3. Execute a Print Merge. Once the Print Merge is completed, the main document’s DATA statement must be changed so that it includes the next data document to merged. For example:


  4. Continue this process until all the data documents have been merged.

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