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Combining Portrait and Landscape with HP LaserJet Series II

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The HP LaserJet Series II cannot print portrait and landscape orientations on the same page. However, it is possible to print a document containing whole pages in either portrait or landscape orientation.


The following steps add a landscape page(s) to a document printed in portrait orientation.

  1. In the Printer Options “printer:” field, choose HPLASER, or any other portrait printer driver that works with the fonts in your HP LaserJet Series II. Also, in the Print Options “model:” field, select LaserJet IID.
  2. In the document, insert a division break (use CTRL+ENTER) at the start and end of the section you would like to print in landscape orientation.
  3. Place the cursor on the division break at the bottom of the section and use the Format Division Margin menu to set the page length to 8.5 inches and the width to 11 inches.
  4. Print the document using the Print Printer command. A blank page will be printed before and after the landscape page. These blank pages will not affect the document’s page numbering.

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