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Works 2.0: DRI Mouse with 2.20 Driver is Incompatible

PSS ID Number: Q58745 Article last modified on 06-12-1996




It has been reported that using the Digital Research Incorporated (DRI) mouse and version 2.20 of the mouse driver with version 2.0 of Microsoft Works for MS-DOS causes screen corruption and possibly a screen black out. The same configuration works properly with Works 1.05.

DRI reports that they have received several reports that its mouse is not working correctly with some of the newer Microsoft products. DRI has found that its mouse works correctly with a DEC workstation with a DEPCA board. This board emulates an IBM ethernet board. The mouse driver is DEPMOUSE.DRV and is found in the PCSA distribution kit.

DRI is aware of this incompatibility and plans to research the situation. No release date is available for a new mouse driver.

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