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INF: C 6.0 and QuickC 2.5 Add New ANSI International Support ID Number: Q58678

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A series of new international routines designed to support differing country information has been added to the run-time libraries shipped with Microsoft C version 6.0 and QuickC version 2.5. The new LOCALE.H include file contains the new structure declarations and function definitions. These routines are for describing conventions, such as currency symbols and date syntax, that vary from country to country.

Note: LOCALE.H is an ANSI-mandated inclusion.

More Information:

The new routines added to the C libraries to allow for internationalization are as follows:

Routine Description ——- ———–

localeconv() Sets a structure with the appropriate values for formatting numeric quantities.

setlocale() Selects the appropriate locale for the program. Currently, setlocale() supports only the NULL locale, "“, which is the US locale, and the”C" locale.

strcoll() Compares strings using locale-specific information.

strftime() Formats a date and time string.

strxfrm() Transforms a string based on locale-specific information.

Additional reference words: 6.00 6.00a 6.00ax 7.00