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Mac Hyp: AddHandle Attaches a Macintosh Resource to a Message

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail Software Development Kit (SDK) for HyperCard 2.0
  • Microsoft Mail Software Development Kit 3.0

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To add the data pointed to by a Macintosh handle to a mail message, use the following syntax:

   msmail (addHandle, messageRef, handle, ident [, onlyOne] [, type])

This routine is similar to addField, except that instead of including the data itself in the message, it includes the data pointed to by a handle. Together with getMacResource, this call makes it possible to send resources through Microsoft Mail.

"messageRef" is a reference to a selected message returned by making a call to the msmail function using a parameter that returns a message reference.

"handle" is a Macintosh handle to a resource. This value is returned by a call to getMacResource.

"ident" is a 4-character type identification for that handle, such as "ICON", "CODE", "snd ", etc. These are Macintosh resource types.

"onlyOne" is a Boolean (true or false) parameter that can be passed to limit the number of fields with the given ident. If "onlyOne" has the value "true", addHandle removes from the message any fields with the specified ident before adding the data pointed to by "handle". If no value is passed for "onlyOne," it defaults to "true".

The "type" parameter lets advanced users specify the type of the field to be added. This only needs to be passed if you are creating nontext fields that do not occur on the send screen for this message type. In all other cases, the type is filled in automatically.

This information is taken from the "Microsoft Mail HyperCard Interface Documentation."

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