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Mixing Bin Support Within a Document

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Microsoft supports the use of mixed-bin access with printers that have dual paper bins. Selecting “Mixed” in the “paper feed:” field of the Print Options menu causes the first page to feed from bin 1 and successive pages to feed from bin 2.

Changing bins in the middle of the document can be achieved by following the procedure described below. The Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IID is used as an example. The only side effect to this procedure is that a blank page is inserted where a change in bin is to occur when the document is printed. This blank page does NOT affect page numbering or any other aspect of the documents formatting. Simply discard the page(s) after printing.


  1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the first page to be printed from a different bin. Press CTRL+ENTER to insert a division break separating the two pages. The division break appears temporarily underneath Word’s page break before the two merge together when Word’s background pagination takes effect.

  2. Place the cursor on the division break and type the escape sequence to activate the bin of your choice. Escape sequences for IID bins are listed at the end of this article. Bin access codes and other printer codes are unique to particular printer models and are usually found in the user manual that accompanies the printer. To select the lower tray of the HP IID printer, the code is as follows:

    <ALT 27>&l4H


    <ALT 27> = ALT+27 (on the numeric keypad) & = SHIFT+7 l = Lowercase letter l 4 = Number 4 H = Uppercase letter H

  3. Place the cursor on the same line with the escape sequence and choose Format pOsition (ESC P O). Set “horizontal frame position:” to 7.5 inches. Set the “relative to:” field to Page. Set “vertical frame position:” to 10.5 inches. Press ENTER to accept these changes. These settings position the escape sequence in the lower-right corner of the printed page. This bin selection is valid on the next and successive pages until a new change of bin occurs.

  4. Print the document. Discard blank page(s) separating the pages where a change of bins occurred.

Bin Access Codes for the HP Series IID

Upper tray <ALT 27>&l1H

Envelope <ALT 27>&l6H

Lower tray <ALT 27>&l4H

Manual envelope <ALT 27>&l3H

Manual input <ALT 27>&l2H

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