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Word: Increasing Speed of Spell Program

PSS ID Number: Q58438 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The speed of the Spell program in Word can be increased by using one of the following methods:

Word versions 5.5 and 6.0

  1. Disable the “always suggest” and “check punctuation” options in the Utilities Spell (F7) menu.
  2. Select the “ignore all caps” option.
  3. Select “quick” in the “look-up” option.

Word version 5.0

The following information describes methods for increasing the speed of the Spell program in Word version 5.00:

The speed of the Spell program can be increased using several methods. For example, disabling several settings in the Library Spell Options menu increases the speed several fold. One function that causes Word 5.00 to be slower than Word 4.00 is the addition of the punctuation checker. By default, punctuation checking is enabled and slows spell checking.

To optimize for speed, the Library Spell Options menu “check punctuation:” field can be set to “no”, the “lookup:” field can be set to “quick”, and the “alternatives:” field can be set to “manual”.

Setting “alternatives:” to “manual” notifies the program that a list of alternative words is not desired when a misspelled or questionable word is encountered. Instead, the program allows you to perform one of the following functions:

  1. Correct: You may type in the correct word or have the Spell program provide a list of alternative words.

  2. Add: Add a word to Standard, User, or Document dictionary.

  3. Exit: Exit from Spell.

  4. Ignore: Ignore a misspelled or questionable word.

  5. Options:

    1. User Dictionary: Sets a path to the dictionary you are using. (Also includes dictionary name.)

    2. Lookup:

      Quick: Does not spell check first two characters of misspelled or questionable words.

      Complete: Spell checks all characters of the word.

    3. Alternatives:

      Auto: Automatically gives listing of alternative words for each misspelled or questionable word that comes up.

      Manual: Displays alternatives only when the Correct command is selected.

    4. Ignore Allcaps: The choices are Yes and No.

    5. Check Punctuation: The choices are Yes and No.

  6. Undo: Undoes the last command affecting the editing of the document.

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